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06Honda 11-23-2011 03:06 PM

Landry Room Floor Drain
We purchased a house recently and the small landry room has a drain in the floor that gives off a slight smell more like stale water that anything. When you look down there is some water in there below the two small plastic tubes that are sticking out of the side. One tube end looks bigger than other. Managed to clean out some old hair and lint, I think its just sticky old water that hasn't been flushed in a while. How do i reduce the smell, its not causing issues in the house but you can smell it from time to time if you stick your head in the room. Looks like there is lint and stuff in the water so i Was wondering if I should use a siphon to drain the water? Thanks
for any tips.

joecaption 11-23-2011 03:15 PM

I would have it snaked out to clear it. depending on where the drain runs to that standing water may be sitting in the trap, which is keeping sewer gas from coming out into the room, if you suck out the water then the gas can get in.
It's illegal to dump washing machine or sinks into a floor drain that does not go to the sewer system.
If it's just a water softners flush line that's fine.

joecaption 11-23-2011 03:18 PM

I'd first figure out what those two pipes are draining, it may be possible to redo those drains so they dump into your sewer line and then you could install one of these.
Trap Guard – The Trap Primer Alternative

JoeD 11-24-2011 11:44 AM

One of those two small line could be a trap primer. Trap primers are designed to put a small amount of water into the trap everytime a certain tap is used. Perhaps the primer portion near the tap is not working anymore.

nealtw 11-24-2011 01:39 PM

The other pipe may be hot water pan.

06Honda 11-26-2011 01:15 PM

Thanks all for the help, drained some water today and cleaned up the inside of pipe. Added some clean water and the smell is gone.

joecaption 11-26-2011 02:34 PM

May want to add some bleach for good measure.

06Honda 11-27-2011 05:28 AM

Will do Joe, thanks.

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