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house92 11-10-2009 07:24 PM

Leaking tub/shower???
In both of my bathrooms, whenever someone takes a shower, there is a few drops of water that makes their way to the unfinished basement floor below. My tubs were set on the sub-floor made of sheeting boards, so water finding it's way to the basement is easy. My question is, where is it leaking? It doesn't do this when one takes a bath, so it's not the drain. I have taken the faucet plates of and caulked with silicone several times, and there is still a leak. It's nothing major, but if the tubs had been put on the finished floor, I never would have known until there was a major problem. This must be common, because every time I watch one of those home make-over shows, the floor is always rotted out under the tub. How can I stop the leak?

Redwood 11-11-2009 09:46 AM

It could be coming from any number of places.

for starters go downstairs and look up while it is leaking and see if you can see where it is coming from. With an unfinished basement you should have come of the plumbing visible through the hole cut for the drain.

That failing next I would look above using non-destructive means including checks behind escutcheons and adjusting the spray to different areas to try to establish where it is coming from including the spout, mixer valve, and shower riser and arm.

Finally I would seek access through the wall behind the valve to look, usually a closet wall or, bedroom wall.

Whatever it takes.

Bear in mind the leak could be as simple as a misplaced shower curtain.

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