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jaystang 11-12-2009 07:40 AM

Leaky Tub Cost?
Hi Everyone,
I'm a new member here looking for some advise before purchasing my first home. Yesterday I had a home inspection done on a home I'm planning on buying. The home inspector filled up one of the bathroom tubs with water, then let it drain. We walked a way for a few mins and come back to realize the entire bathroom floor is cover with water from the tub. This house is what you would call a "fix-it-upper" and I was already planning on ripping out this bathroom once we move in so it's not quiet worth having the seller fix however I would like to get the cost of this repair from the seller. The inspector said it had a "broken drain" and the tub would need to come out to repair. My question is how much would a job like this cost? I'm trying to get an estimate which I can go back to the seller with and ask to be taken off of the home price. Any advice would be great.


Redwood 11-15-2009 05:00 PM

You won't know until the source of the leak is found.

In most cases a leaking tub drain does not require removal of the tub...

Slab houses may be an exception to this.

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