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grillman39 06-23-2012 01:30 PM

need help understanding how it works
I have two bath rooms one with a bath tub each has a toilet .
Here what I have going on some time when one of them are flushed it will not drain so we use a plunger and it will drain we have to do this with them every now and then they may work fine for a month and not work for a week .
I have ran a line snake under the house all the way to the city sewer line.
Check the snake at the city clean out it was clean . I do not have any tree in my yard at all (no roots in line )
But I do have a lift station at the end of my street I am one house away from it I ask the worker if there was two lines for it a inline for waste to go in to the tank and one to pump out up the hill to the main city sewer line I was told yes .

Here is what I think is going on I think it is some type of vacuum but I do not know a do fix it .
From the time we moved in to your home it has been this way and the clean out cap has been off .
I called the health department and talked to them and the man I talked to knew my home and told me it has been that way for a long time.

One more thing that may help someone help me fix my sewer the clean out that is open in the back of my home has a small amount of water in it .
Just wondering the city has had a lot of problems with the lift station but when the pump goes out it just over flows in to the woods it never backs up in to your homes but I do not think this is what is wrong because I have had this problem for ever just wanted to add this .
Thanks for any help .

oldognewtrick 06-23-2012 02:00 PM

There could be something in the drain that is catching debris. You may have to have a scope run down the line to make sure it doesn't have an obstruction. A snake can go past an object without dislodging it and in the process clean off some debris that is causing a drain to run slow.

Just a thought and my:2cents:

CallMeVilla 06-23-2012 06:44 PM

Fast answer needed? Get the lines scoped with a plumber's video. They can see what is inhibiting the flow (cracked pipe) and tell you exactly where it is (they can monitor the distance of the video snake.

This will solve all you unknowns.

Good luck!

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