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gottodo1 04-18-2013 11:22 PM

New sink and plumbing issues.
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I recently replaced a standard SS sink & 1/3HP disposal, with a high end Granite, 10" & 7" deep sink & 1/2hp Disposal. My wife has decided that the deep side (left) shall have the garbage disposal.

That being said it does indeed fit and I have installed it but I have an issue and a question.

The issue is I can't make the dang Ptrap stop leaking. I basically have a T that goes to a 90 that goes to the ptrap then the disposal connection. The P-trap & the 90 connection point is where the leaking is. It's as tight as I can possibly get it. I'm thinking maybe if I turn the P-trap around and use a run of pipe up to the 90 I might be able to fix that issue? Any other suggestions?

The question is; In the pictures I'm posting, the Garbage disposal outlet is at the same level as the main drain pipe, is that a bad thing? I have no idea how I could raise/lower the main drain pipe as that's through the counter wall but to me it seems like this may be inheriently bad as the water could potential sit in the disposal?

Instead of running the D washer to the disposal I've been told that it's better to route it to that pipe with an inlet made for it. I HATE the way the last one routed to the garbage disposal made our house smell so I REALLY like this idea as it's isolated using the Ptraps from any venting internal to the house.

Then on the right hand side sink I want to run the Ptrap back towards the wall then put a 90 on it and then a 90 on the main drain pipe and then that's how that one will drain. It's currently angled down in the back but that's just because it's not attached to the other sink. The question is on this one is that at the 90 it will almost be at the flange where the sink attached to the pipe, is that bad?

I'm basically trying to minimize space lost due to pipes so this config COULD work really well... but hasn't been easy to implement. Don't mind the clear plastic tubing for the filtered water that's just a matter of getting the cold & hot water polumbed (bought the wrong size shut off valve).

This is my first sink so... any help would be appreciated. I saw those little decorative P traps for sinks, and I plan to use one on a new bathroom sink but I don't think those are supposed to be used for kitchen sinks unfortunately as that would save a TON of room.

nealtw 04-19-2013 11:46 AM

CallMeVilla 04-20-2013 05:59 PM

As usual, Neal is spot-on with this observation.

Let me add another ... The T-connection is improper. It should be a Y-connection so the flow of water is directed toward the drain. The T-connection allows backflow to the right and proper flow to the left. This might be a reason for your leakage.

Last point: Wives should make their desires known BEFORE you order the sink, so these kinds of plumbing problems develop. Simply saying "Make it SO" is not good enough. :D

gottodo1 04-20-2013 06:24 PM

Neal, that's a good read, thanks. I've been looking for something like that but everyone I've found had the option to just fix it in the wall behind the kitchen sink and had an obvious difference in height not equal height.

CallMe, The right sink will also have it's own Ptrap and would have a proper slope to prevent the water from flowing to the right from the disposal. Thanks for the advice though as I might be starting over I may change it around :(.

That sure is discouraging, I sure wish this pipe just ran into the wall as I would have just changed that on the spot. Unfortunately it looks like this pipe runs behind a turnstile cabinet that's not open on the back and runs into the wall behind the shower... So there is absolutely no way to get to it without ripping out the shower or at least 3 cabinets. I'm getting new counter tops in 4 or 5 weeks but if I try to make my wife wait that long she'll throw me out!

Are there garbage disposals that have a higher (like half inch) outlet than E202 ? I can't find a single spec for outlet height online for these things. I'm going to e-mail insinkerator and ask what their specs on this would be I just need 1/2 an inch and then I'd be comfortable.

I'm looking at possibly running without the disposal until I get the new counter tops then I can rip out the counters and lower the pipe in the wall, which I believe is also a wet vent if my guess is right... oh what a joy.

gottodo1 04-20-2013 11:46 PM

Good news, I went out and bought 6 different disposals from all the big box stores and found that the 520, is the shortest unit available by 1/2 an inch, even shorter than the 320 (1/3hp version), that's sure curious IMO. Project done, Until the new countertops come :).

I'll return the 7 other disposals I didn't use because they didn't have good documentation on dimensions tomorrow :). I've done install/user manuals before for a radar system. I know they can boring and insatiably tedious but if you do them right they will help people for decades to come. Put Every dimension, every bit of information, make them useful. Oh well now everyone else knows!

Now to finish up that basement drainage for the tub & toilet and pour the new concrete (360 lbs) .

nealtw 04-21-2013 08:48 PM

I'm not sure I would have thought about looking for the different height, good to know.

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