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jehndrsn 05-19-2013 05:41 PM

No Water Running Into or Out of Toilet
I don't know if the problems I have are connected, or if I have 2 separate ones. My toilet will not flush completely. I have tried filling it with a bucket, but while it does flush it seems like it is clogged somewhere. It does not drain completely, and no water flows back in. I bought a fill valve replacement kit today. I haven't used it yet because when I turned the water knob on to get water to flow in so it might finish flushing nothing happened. It turns in circles like it is stripped. No water at all. The water in the tub and sink both work fine. I can't afford to hire a plumber right now (Old fridge burned out earlier in the month so had to buy a new one. I am cursed.). I put Drano crystals in the toilet when I thought it was just backed up, but no water and no luck. Now no water runs in or runs out. What can I do to fix this? I am pretty handy. Thanks for any assistance. Jane:(

hparkinson 05-19-2013 06:05 PM

Seems like you have a bad water inlet valve or cut off/in valve. When you replace this valve, make sure you have the proper water level in your tank. Make sure to turn of the main water supply before attempting to replace the cut-off valve at the toilet. As far as the draining is concerned, you may have to check your wax ring/seal to make sure is has not crumbled. That calls for removing the toilet. It doesn't necessarily have to leak around the toilet base to malfunction. You can buy this part at any Home-Depot Or Lowes or any plumbing supply store. there are compression fitted valves to make the job easier.

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