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gunit 01-09-2013 02:52 PM

Plumbing drain advice need
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Hello all,
I think i have a relatively easy question for you experts, I have not done any sort of plumbing like this before, so i wanted to get some advice from you guys who know what you are doing.

My kitchen sink has gotten plugged a number of times, and to the point where under the sink gets completed flooded with water (i don't what the fitting is called, but it is a smaller 1/2" drain that points upwards above the trap)

What I think is the problem is that the previous owner plumbed this incorrectly. Where the water leaves the garburator, it is tied in before the trap, and I have had to take it apart a couple of times to drain it. It is so bad that I cannot even use the garburator. Of course, that is my speculation, that is why i am here, i hope someone of you can give me some advice on how to redo this. I have purchased some ABS glue and some parts already, but I want to make absolutely sure before i start cutting things and adding fittings in.

I have attached a picture for you to look at, in the pictures i have numbered a couple of things so you can understand what i am talking about.

As you can see, #1 is one drain and #2 is the drain for the garburator. when the water leaves the garburator, it drains to junction #3, which is before the trap. This so happens to be the same drain that #1 uses, which likely explains why when i do alot of washing and the water piles up, it over flows through the one spout that is just between #3 and #1 (pointed up).

I have no clue what #5 is, nothing is connected to that. #4 i assume is the main pipe that takes the water outside the house to where-ever it goes.

How do i reconfigure this correctly so i can get everything working properly??? Any advice would be appreciated. I hope the attachment of the JPG works....

CallMeVilla 01-09-2013 06:14 PM

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WOW! That is a mess -- even though I suspect it works. The plumbing principle is to minimize the turns and angles so the water can flow evenly. Your garbage disposal makes a lot of turns which slows down the outflow. Not good. Frankly, I NEVER use the disposal -- too much maintenance. You could re-plumb this whole mess by losing the disposal and running straigher pipes . . . but, since you have it . . .

I see the bowl under the p-trap. I guess the leakage is coming from there. Notice the angle in the p-trap as it hits what might be the drain . . . UGH.

Your #5 might be a vent stack which allows air to enter the lines, preventing a blockage.

Here is a picture of how it should look. If you can re-design it as cleanly as this, you will solve many problems.

gunit 04-08-2013 09:23 AM

New Configuration.... looks good but got a leak...
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Ok, after many excuses to delay this project, I decided yesterday just to go an do it. Well, a couple of things I had to do, I had to knock out the plug out of the garburator so I could connect the hose, which meant I had to take the garburator out, which actually was easier than I thought, jus one quick turn to the left and it dropped out. Being that easy to remove, I was abit worried that when I put it back in that I was for sure going to have a leak... I haven't tried it yet, so I hope there isn't.

so I bought all the pieces as per the recommendation from everyone to minimize the amount of bends. It was not the easiest to get everything square and took abit of grunt force to get everything in place. So I glued the joints that need to be glued and then use the normal screw in joints for the rest of them.

I opted to go with a ptrap with a cleanout plug.

So once everything was said and done, I waited an hour for the glue to dry, I put water through it, and found a leak!!!! the leak was coming from the cleanout plug at the bottom of the ptrap. everything was closed by the time I realized this. I am hoping that Teflon tape will do it, but maybe I wasn't suppose to go with this configuration with the cleanout trap??? Anyway, I will post some pictures, any feedback would be appreciated. I hope that I can make this work with the cleanout plug because it will be a chore in itself to redo this whole this with a ptrap without the plug!!!

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