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s2horn 05-03-2007 07:41 PM

Pressure Problem?
I am having some issues with all taps and toilets in the house and I have no idea what the issue might be. The two toilets turn on an off constantly, refilling the tank just a bit and then turning off....a few minutes later, they do it again.

The tap pressure for all taps (basement, kitchen, showers) all go up and down while they are on, and it appears to be in sync with the toilets (if a toilet turns on, the pressure on the taps increases)

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

Kerrylib 05-04-2007 08:45 AM

Sounds like the toilets are leaking through the flapper valve.

Open the lid on the tank. When you flush, the flapper lifts up, letting the tank full of water down into the bowl.

If you put some food coloring in the tank water a change in color in the water in the bowl will indicate that it is leaking through the valve.

It is a relatively easy process to replace the "guts" of the toilet. If you have to take one thing apart, you might as well do the whole thing. My experience has been if you replace one leaky washer someplace, the act of working on the toilet, causes at least one other component to decide to go bad on you.

A new flapper valve is only $2-3 maybe $5, while a whole new set of guts will run about $20. The frustration with taking it back apart to fix something a second time is well worth that in my opinion.

There are some good step by step instructions (even videos) of how to go about this type of repair online. Start w/ big box stores, mfgrs, This old House, HGTV, etc.

Good luck. It sounds like you have a couple significantly leaky toilets. Repairing those leaks will save you quite a lot of water.

glennjanie 05-04-2007 09:58 AM

Kerrylib is correct, I would also say there are times the flapper seal (in the bottom of the tank) sometimes needs to be replaced. The food coloring test will not tell you whether it is the flapper or the seal.
Replace the flapper and then test with the food color; if it shows up right away in the bowl, a flapper seal is in order.

s2horn 05-07-2007 08:56 AM

Thank you very much! Replaced the guts on the weekend and all is good.

Thanks again,


glennjanie 05-07-2007 03:54 PM

Hey! Congratulations, and you didn't even have to pay for the $100 service call. You could tell the little lady you deserve a meal out in exchange, I'm sure she would agree.

Kerrylib 05-08-2007 09:59 AM

Congrats Stuart. Glad to hear things went well.

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