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watchtower7 05-29-2008 10:48 AM

Proper winterizing techniques
I am purchasing a home in Louisville Ky and will be absent from Nov 15th to April 1st every year. The house will be vacant.
What do I need to do to insure no burst pipes, toilets etc. and what temp to leave heat on?
The home has a high end on-demand water heater installed in an interior kitchen wall, with access.

handyguys 05-29-2008 12:58 PM

If you leave the heat on, and its reliable. They just shut off water, leave temp at minimum and pipes shouldn't freeze if installed properly.

Otherwise everything needs to be drained. This is most easily done if the pluming is designed for draining. I suspect its not.

For supply - You would need to identify every low spot in the system and install a valve to open to gravity drain everything. Don't forget the water in the toilet tank, and well pumps, tanks, etc.

For waste - You will need to remove all traps or fill them with antifreeze. If you remove a trap you will want to cap it or stuff a rag into it to prevent sewer gas from entering building.

triple D 05-31-2008 08:30 PM

Maybe you could trust someone to come run water in each sink and flush all toilets once a month. Turn off water tank . Set heat for 55 deg. Oh yeah, set one big rat trap, cause your place will be for the takin if your gone that long. Good luck.....

frodo 08-07-2008 07:04 AM

this how i do it. turn off
1 water off at meter
2 drain water heater
3 open hose bib at back of house, blow compressed air thru line at front
hose bib. water will drain out the back.
4 open all faucets
5 reblow system
6 pour 1 cup antifreeze in each sink and tub and shower
7 flush toilets and pour 1 cup anti freeze in each
8 pull refrigerator out disconect ice maker line at wall remove filter
put in the sink
9 disconect washer hoses blow thru cold hose while water comes out hot into bucket
while pouring anti freeze, try to pour directly into hole in you won't splash on the porcelian

i do this if the heat will be off. if the heat is left on just turn off water
and blow the lines. for peice of mind
and then go have a good time

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