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wpkoehler 05-08-2012 08:40 AM

Putting screw into chrome/steel
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I have an old wall hydrant on my home that was missing the stem. I wanted to put a new sillcock at that same location. I found a good anti-freeze sillcock and ground down the hex part near the threaded end. I cut the old brass piping that the old wall hydrant had on the inside of the house. The new sillcock fit through the old hydrant hole perfectly. My question is this: Can I put screws into the chrome housing of the old wall hydrant (to keep the new sillcock fixed to the house)? If I drill holes in the chrome flange can I then put a screw into it? Will it hold? I know it is a basic question but I have never attempted this before. I have attached a picture of the gutted hydrant in question.


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