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MomDrvnCrazy 06-25-2012 02:33 PM

rust water
I am one of those wives who has a strong sense of smell.
We are not only having a smell issue (I describe it as a rusty metal smell), but a rust issue as well. I can scrub my tub & toilets and get 98% of the stain gone & it is back to 100% within 3 days. I purchased a new clear plastic shower curtain less than a month ago and promptly hung it in my bathroom. The same time we replaced an older shower head. Now the shower head has the brown tinge around the holes and the shower curtain is stained a brownish color where the water hits it during showers. I can fill my sink in the kitchen to wash dishes and without putting anything into the water, within a half hour it looks as if someone has urinated in my sink!
I am a renter in a townhome that has a shared pipe system and water softener system. I seem to be getting the worst of the mess. The landlord had Culligan come out to check the system multiple times and they even replaced the softener unit and we still have this problem. My hair is discolored, I have to use bottled water for cooking, drinking, and brushing our teeth.
I have provided the landlord with pictures as proof and again she called culligan. What should I do to get my own answers as I am not financially responsible to do repairs here. Any ideas?????

joecaption 06-26-2012 05:26 AM

Do you have steel plumbing, if so no amount of treatment is going to help.
It sounds like the landlords doing all he can, there's not really anything you as a tenent can do. There is no magic filter to fix this.

Speedbump 06-26-2012 08:47 AM

Water softeners are not good iron filters. If you have iron, you must be on a well. Culligan in my opinion isn't the answer to all your problems either. An Iron filter might be the answer, but first a water sample should be pulled. Get the water before any water filtration then analyze it to see how much hardness and iron you have. Have the PH tested also. It should be in the 7.2 to 7.8 range. You can't really complain about something until you know for sure what your complaining about. From your description though, I'm betting on a lot of iron.

oldognewtrick 06-26-2012 05:07 PM

Speedbump, you staying dry in Florida?

Speedbump 06-27-2012 07:49 AM

Not so you would notice. 1/3rd of my yard is under water, I have a raging ditch (river) that runs down the side of my property about 800 feet long that drains the 4 acres of Palm Trees. I think I could put a small boat at the south end and it would reach the north end in about 1 minute.
You wouldn't think that being at 126' above sea level I would have that much water, but it drops so slowly toward the beach that the water just can't get off quick enough.

Debby is heading out to sea and good riddance. Now I can just sit back and wait for about 16 gazillion mosquitoes to hatch. Joy!

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