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LoneJeeper 10-24-2006 07:37 AM

sulphur water filtration

the water at the new house slightly smells of sulfur. would an activated carbon 'whole house' filter help out or not? if so, what system would you recommend?


glennjanie 10-24-2006 01:50 PM

Yes activated charcoal is the best odor remover I know of. You may still have some minimal smell though, sulphur is strong stuff. Remember in high school, when you noticed a distinct rotten egg smell from the chemestry lab? That was sulfuric acid.

inspectorD 10-29-2006 12:42 PM

EEEuuuwww that smell....
My relatives in the fingerlakes region of NY had this same problem. They installed an "Air Raider" system.
Basically this is a radon in water, gas removal system.Any water company can give you info on them.
They are expensive and may be used as the last resort. Works fantistic I must say.:D No more rotten egg smell.

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