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ss_blake 05-28-2010 02:54 PM

Sump pump question
I just bought a house in edmonton,alberta canada built in 1990. I was inspecting the sump pump hole and was surprised to see NO drain holes emptying into the sump pit . i.e. it did not appear weeping tiles emptied into the pit. On reviewing the city bylaw website I determined wheeping tile can be drained into municipal sewer line so I assume thats where it was connected.

My question is: what is the purpose of this sump pit if the weeping tiles don't drain into it? There appears to be a hole on the bottom of the pit (see picture at about 5 o'clock) - but I am not sure what its for? Sometimes there is a few inches of water in the pit.


marstil 07-06-2010 03:34 PM

By "weeping tiles" do you mean the "footing tiles" that take the water that runs down the outside of the foundation wall and redirects it? If so, and they are connected somehow to the city sewer without need of a pump, that's a nice, foolproof system. I presume your footings are higher than the city sewer for that system to operate. The hole in the bottom of the sump crock may, then, connect to the pea gravel under the floor. The water table rising after heavy rains would, then, flow into the sump crock and get pumped out.

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