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genesis 10-04-2011 03:35 PM

Toilet issue
I recently bought a new home and have been having continuing problems with the toilet in my downstairs halfbath.

When i flush it, it backs up almost to the rim, and then very slowly (approximately 30 minutes) trickles until the bowl is almost completely empty. It actually continues to make a trickling noise until I turn the water off to the tank

Thus far I have replaced the wax ring, the main sewer line in the basement has been replaced (unrelated, but it was cracked 2 weeks after we moved in), and I have tried plunging it multiple times.

There are occasions it works perfectly with no issues. But it seems to always end up doing the same thing.

We are on a septic field that was replaced in 1995, and pumped as long ago as 2006 with one person in the home.

I am out of ideas as to what needs to be fixed. I have planned to do the following, but would prefer not to spend any more money until I figure out what is wrong
1. Pump the septic tank
2. replace the toilet
3. check the vent (don;t know how and can't get to the roof very easily

BridgeMan 10-04-2011 11:38 PM

Welcome to the forum.

Can't help but think it's either a poorly-sloped drain line from the toilet (you routed it out with a rotating plumber's tape, yes, when you replaced the wax ring?), or a faulty toilet. With today's low-flow toilets, it doesn't take much to plug a line. I'd be tempted to run a high-pressure flow of water in the toilet's drain in the floor the next time I took the toilet off, sealing up the opening around a water hose with packed rags. You didn't say the brand, model or age of the toilet, but if it needs replacing, you might want to consider a Champion 4 by American Standard. They have one of the largest trap openings on the market, and all of the ones I've specified (as an ADA remodel consultant) or installed have performed flawlessly.

Maybe someone with a stronger plumbing background will chime in shortly.

Redwood 10-05-2011 10:17 AM

You have a clogged toilet possibly with some type of foreign object caught in the trapway of the toilet. Thats why she no flushie.... The trickling sound is water falling after it makes its way slowly past the clog.

In the case of a foreign object the clog will usually clear with a plunger but will return as soon as you flush any amount of toilet paper as it wraps up on the object and clogs.

Use a Toilet Auger to clean out the trapway and get the toilet working again. I recommend a General brand 3' Auger with a Drop Head (Cat # 3FL-DH Down Head). The drop head has a hook which will in many cases retrieve an object caught in the trapway without having to remove the toilet, tip it on its side and working the toilet from each end with flashlight and mirror to see and remove the object. The closet auger will run about $40 and by far is the best one to have. Other brands just plain suck and in the case of the $9.99 economy auger aren't worth having or, attempting to use....

genesis 10-06-2011 11:51 AM

Had someone out to pump the septic yesterday and they think the one sewage line from my bathroom to the main septic line is plugged. Since there is sewage backing up into my utility which is on the same line we have a plumber coming out tomorrow
Thankfully we have a warranty from the selling and we should only have to pay $60. Going to try and get them to just replace the black iron pipes with pvc

Redwood 10-06-2011 01:38 PM

Another drain backing up on the same line would indicate a drain blockage...

Don't hope for too much from your home warranty co. and you won't be disappointed... Generally they aren't worth the paper they were written on.

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