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winyah 07-20-2009 10:37 AM

Tub leak while shower NOT on
Hi to the forum. I can tell this will become a great place to get answers. I searched the threads to see if I could find a similar issue but couldn't find any. So please help if you can.

My upstairs tub leaks. I had to tear out a hole in the ceiling underneath (stained anyway). I have determined that the tub only leaks when I use the faucet. It does not leak when I use the shower head.

What do you think? :help:

handyguys 07-20-2009 11:34 AM

How do you control whether the spout or shower head get the water? My guess is that its via a little plunger control on the spout. That piece could be defective, or not installed properly, allowing water through the body of the spout and into the wall. Its an inexpensive fix or even something to try just to see.

If you have a wall mounted control it still could be a spout issue. That's where I would start.

winyah 07-20-2009 12:43 PM

Thanks for the tip. You are divert from the faucet to the shower head, you have to pull up on the small knob on top of the faucet. If I pull the knob up and then start the water, then I get no leaks. But if I start the water and then pull the knob, I definately get a leak. Think this is it? Should I be replacing the faucet?


handyguys 07-20-2009 01:05 PM

Just replace the spout. Not too expensive and easy to do.

First you need to figure out how its attached. Look underneath. You are looking for a set screw or an allen screw. If you see one then loosen the screw and then pull off the old spout. Thats the newer style. If its an older spout you may have one that screws on. If no set screw then just twist it off - Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty.

Take the old one with you to the hardware store and buy a replacement to match.

Sounds too simple, right? Well - If it IS the kind screwed on it could be on there so tight that you think you are going to bust something getting it off. Or, you could not see the set screw, think its a twist on and try to twist off the set screw style. That could mar up the pipe and cause a new one not to seal properly.

My guess - you have a set screw. Inside the spout is an 'O' ring. That O ring is whats leaking. If the spout comes off easily and seems well made you may want to see if you can find a new O ring and keep the spout. The replacement spouts at the home center are cheap plastic junk. O ring should only cost a nickle but the home center will sell them in an assortment for $4.

Good luck - post back if this is the correct fix.

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