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Corganer 01-19-2010 06:41 AM

Water Heater Leak In Floor?
Water Heater Piping Noise
I have a gas water heater and furnace in a condo unit. I have been hearing what I would call "clicking" noises when the furnace and water heater run. The noises almost sound like water hitting ducts. This could be it ...but ...

The noise comes from below through the floor and about 12 feet away from the furnace and water heater ...right before the bathroom. I put my ear down on the floor to listen to the noise. The noise sounds almost as if it has a recoil on it. Like it makes the noise hitting ...then makes a small noise going back. They are semi-random and I "believe" it is mainly from the water heater being on. The noises only happen when appliance is running.

Any guesses?

travelover 01-19-2010 07:09 AM

It could be expansion of the heating duct or pipe as warm air or warm water flows through it.

GregC 01-19-2010 07:15 AM

Hello....are you a Indian Tracker? ..with your ear to the ground? I'm kidding...its funny because I think we have all done this before! ;) I recently had my ear to the wall tracking a uninvited mouse in my wall. That little bugger drove me crazy! OK back to your question...
Well, hard to answer, try process elimination. Turn furnace off for a while, see if you hear it while running water from water heater. Maybe run furnace without anything else. It could just be the warm air in your heat ducts, they tend to bang some times. I actually have a very large unit in my house, (over kill) and it bangs sometimes because of the force it is providing. is hard to say, can you go down stairs where the units are and trace the sound to its point? Hope this helps ;)GregC

Corganer 01-19-2010 08:36 AM

Thanks! I posted this on the new plumbing forum as well and you all basically are guessing expansion. So thank you! Each condo has its own unit, so it is just down the hallway in a closet. Makes it easier to track problems. I stuck my ear to the ground because when I am in bed and I heard the CLANG! CLANG!, I couldn't tell if it was above, below, etc. Trust was funny when my lady said "what the hell are you doing?" hahaha!

GregC 01-19-2010 08:44 AM

Cool...hope you figure it out.
I 14 old son thought I was loosing it when I had my ear to the wall trying to find that little mouse. Pour mouse, just trying to keep warm in the 10 degree weather we have here, but I had to evict him! He wasn't able to do my laundry or cook so what good was he? :rolleyes: Have a good day...keep up the tracking! Maybe I will see some smoke signals next :cool: GregC

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