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jjohnston 03-24-2011 09:07 PM

Water Softner install leaks
I bought a water softner from Lowes. "INstall kit" has a few fittings that snap into place, no problem there. But the final connections on the softner is a 1" plastic pipe. 1 for in and 1 for out. My house has the flexible water pipe 3/4". I got a metal bell reducer to convert it down to 3/4", then some NPT fittings, and finally an NPT to push-fit connector adapters.

everything seems water tight EXCEPT, the bell reducer leaks on the connection to the plastic water softner pipe. I am using teflon tape on every joint. I have pulled that connection off, retaped, and tightened, still leaks. I tried 1 layer of tape, and 3 layers of tape, still dripps. What am I doing wrong?? I may pull it off again and try some pipe dope... I don't know.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

joecaption 03-27-2011 07:30 AM

That's a whole lot of fittings. A Shark Bite reducer could have done it with one slide on fitting.
I'd bet you also used a galvinized bell reduser. There cast in two pieces and sometimes the threads do not quite line up on the inside and can cause a leak. Just try the teflon pipe dope first and see if that works.

Redwood 03-27-2011 08:07 AM

A Sharkbite #U139LF thrown in the mix would probably simplify things greatly.

jjohnston 03-28-2011 03:15 PM

Oh, that would! But do they make it in a Female version?

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