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bristimjet 09-22-2013 04:21 PM

What is a good cleaner for Plastic Bathtubs?
I live in an apartment that has plastic bathtubs. My wife & I didn't stay on top of cleaning the tub weekly like we should now we are getting ready to move & want our deposit back. Our bathtubs are very dark & dirty right now. I have tried a lot of different cleaners including kaboom & only seem to get the surface stuff. What can I use to clean a plastic tub? I don't mind elbow grease if it works but as with the way of life now easier is better.

woodchuck 09-22-2013 07:35 PM

If scrubbing bubbles don't work,I've found that mr. clean pads are good for lots of jobs and don't seem too abrasive.

nealtw 09-22-2013 09:02 PM

The scum is soap and dead skin. I use the same bar soap I use on me, and if I've left it to long I use the over size hand scrubbing brush that handy in there. Some work required.

Caduceus 09-24-2013 09:22 PM

Most manufacturers of non-metal tubs will recommend only liquid or bar soap and a cloth to clean the tubs. This is because harsh chemicals like Kaboom and abrasives will destroy the smooth surface and actually make cleaning progressively harder.
I would say that your best bet would be a non-abrasive mechanics liquid hand cleaner like Gojo. Don't get the stuff with pumice in it.
Just smear it around the entire surface with your hand and rub it around. Let it sit for a few minutes then work it with a rag like your trying to buff wax off of a car. It going to take a lot of work and sweat. Rinse with water and repeat as necessary.
I have found this to clean old stained toilets, enameled sinks and tubs and a variety of other surfaces without damaging them.
You can test a spot of the tub with a little bit first to get an idea of how the rest will turn out.

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