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Dagwud 02-09-2012 10:01 PM

Whole house water filter?
We live in rural Iowa with a private well. I would like to replace our whole house water filter that filters all water before going into water softener and water heater. I have an additional secondary filter on water line for refrigerator ice and water. Curious if anyone had any brands they would recommend. Hopefully looking at a brand and model I can install myself.

I need to have my water tested first but taste and odor have not been an issue. The wife claims the water is slowly turning her blonde hair orange and wonders about rust and sediment.

Speedbump 02-10-2012 09:01 AM

Whole house filters (the ten inch ones) are a joke. If you have a softener, it will catch anything that is even smaller than the human eye can see. If you had odor, that would be another problem, but that 10" filter won't help for that either. Save your money towards a good iron filter if you need one. If you do have iron, you should know it, because there would be staining.

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