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chaminade0408 06-01-2010 03:08 PM

aluminum (?) siding question!
ok, so i think our siding is made of aluminum..some of the siding looks like it just may be dirty and just needs a powerwashing, but some of it, like where bushes used to brush up against the house, has striped away the "powder" (which comes off if you rub your finger across it) and left it looking bare and silvery

pic of where the bushes rubbed off the 'powder'

pic of where i think it may just be dirty

what should i do??

oldognewtrick 06-01-2010 07:03 PM

Welcome to House Repair Talk, we'd like to help with your problem but the photo bucket links aren't working. You can add a attachment from your computer, scroll down on the post page and look for managing attachments.

chaminade0408 06-01-2010 09:58 PM

aah i see what i did wrong, lemme try photobucket one more time!

handyguys 06-02-2010 02:43 PM

Either paint it or replace it. Painting is much cheaper of course. All loose 'powder' will need to be removed and all mold, mildew and dirt removed, then prime and paint. A decent paint store expert (like Sherwin williams, benjamin moore, etc) will be able to advise you as to which of their products will be best for primers and paints.

I seem to recall some type of paint that was designed to go over the 'powder' without removing it. I would stay away from gimickey stuff.

A pressure washer may be just the thing to prep it for primer and paint.

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