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rt4me 12-13-2008 02:38 PM

Deck attic? Weight concerns
This will be my first post so I'll say right now I'm a novice in home repair and projects.

There is some unfinished space above my 2 car garage that I was wanting to put a set of pull down stairs (just has a hatch now) and some decking (there is a small amount decked now). I thought I'd have a contractor do the stairs and I'd handle the decking but I've been reading up some and it sounds like houses with prefabricated trusses aren't made to support the weight of decking and storage. The problem it, I don't know how to identify if I have prefab trusses or not or if my space can handle a set of pull down stairs.

The home was build in the late 80's. I've posted a view pictures below to show what the space looks like. Although not shown in the pictures, there are a couple of 2x4 going across the ceiling space very close to where I was standing (in the hatch).
If someone could give me your opinion on what they see I'd certainly appreciate it.

I know the insulation on the wall is in serious need of replacing. I think it is what was put in the house originally. That's another item on my project list.


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