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geordieT 04-14-2008 07:44 AM

Flat Roof
Hi All,

Hope I explain this okay,

I want to build a small outhouse using exisiting corner brick wall and building basically wooden walls for the other side, capping it of with a flat roof. The size is 3200mm L x 2800mm W x 2200 H.

I am happy with the basic build, however I am a little confused on the flat roof.

Iam thinking of using 50 x 125 beams @ 400 gap sitting on a wall plate (50 x 100) and then put firings on top of the beams.

My question is, does the above sound okay, and if so what is the best way to fix a wall plate to wall and the beam to wall plate. Also what height should the firings be so the water will not stay in middle of the roof. Also should there be any over hang from the beams on top of the wall for venting?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Square Eye 04-14-2008 09:02 AM

The 50 x 100 beams may be a bit small for a 3200 span on 400 centers, especially if you anticipate any heavy snow. Upgrading to a 50 x 150 beams would be a little better but I have no idea what sizes are readily available to you. Adding more pitch to the roof (making it steeper) will make it less prone to snow build-up. A pitch of 30 high x 100 long would shed water very well.
Not sure how to attach to your wall, it would help to know if you're doing a post type of construction or if you will be digging a footer. The best would be a footer under the walls but even if you do a post style construction, the best bet would be to dig to the footer at the wall and set support posts on the edge of the footer. (if there is enough footer extended past the exterior of the wall.) Then you can attach the posts and the beam to the wall with one of several different style of wall anchors. The other wall posts should be set at a depth comparable if not deeper to prevent damage from the heaving of the ground during a deep ground freeze.
Overall, a footer would be a better choice of construction.
If you are going to put a floor in, you need to lay a vapor barrier. Heavy sheet plastic will work fine, then moisture won't be as much of a problem. Venting would be necessary considering you didn't mention any insulation.

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