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travelover 01-28-2008 04:31 PM

Gutter Covers
Has anyone found a gutter cover that really works? I have large white pine trees (long needles) as well as a variety of deciduous trees that surround my house and my gutters get full easily.

My house is a colonial with a walk out basement , so the roof is 3 stories up from the backside - hate climbing up there.

CraigFL 01-29-2008 05:53 AM

I've always been interested by these but never actually purchased/installed them:

We have a lot of pine trees in FL and they seem to clog just about anything....

travelover 01-21-2009 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by heatherrros (Post 27098)
My gutters used to clog all the time with leaves and pine needles from all the trees around my house. my husband hated getting out the ladder and cleaning them. I finally installed a gutter guard so that we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. It's called Gutterglove Gutterguard. It's has a stainless steel mesh on an aluminum frame. It looks and feels pretty heavy duty. I ordered it and installed it myself. I am so happy with the way it is performing. We don't have to clean the gutters anymore. It was well worth the investment and I would recomend it to everyone!

Hmmmm, three posts and three recommendations for the same product. I smell a spammer. :mad:

pompidoi 05-20-2011 04:44 AM

There's Amerimax, you can try that one. I had that before bec it's easy to install and fits my budget. However, after a year I had issues with it. I tried out the ones from Hallett and so far it's getting the job done. I also make sure to clean it regularly, and I never had problems.

joecaption 05-22-2011 08:59 AM

I tryed everything from cheap slid in ones to $17.00 a ft. stanless steel fine wire mesh, Starling at $10.00 a ft. The only thing I find works with pine needles is to cut down the trees near the house.

bporter 05-27-2011 10:41 PM

yes they do work there are a few different types i prefur the gutter helmet you can find these at your siding supply house the also make some that look like a big sponge that you just put in you gutter and they keep the leaves out and let the water in its a simple idea and is probably alot less than the gutter helmet and the install is much easer

Rock16 05-28-2011 09:07 PM

I like the leaf relief system.

911handyman 06-04-2011 05:57 PM

I found no gutter cover that actually works. Gutters are a maintenance item you just need to stay on it.

garyholt 08-29-2011 04:18 PM

This is my first time on this site and I'd like to add that I believe GutterGlove to be in the top two or three Gutter Guards available. I've used at least five different guards over the years and we recently were hit with a major hail storm that tore our Leaf Releaf Gutter Guards up. I went on line and was looking for a source for Leaf Relief and came across some UTube videos showing GutterGlove. This company has finally manufactured a product that truly performs. That's my two cents.

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