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TomS 11-01-2011 05:51 PM

Gutter install Is this alright?
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I know this is DIY, but I have too many project and hired someone to do the gutter install.

They did a great job, but I am concerned about one area in the photo below where a gutter comes down on the roof. I would have preferred the upper gutter to empty directly into the gutter below. I think they were trying to keep the down spout away from the window.

Is this ok or should it be changed to empty into the lower gutter?

joecaption 11-01-2011 05:55 PM

If it dumped directly into the end of the gutter it would be more likly to over flow or splash back onto the siding.
By being able to flow out over the roof it will be more likly to spread out the flow enough to all end up in the lower gutter.

BridgeMan 11-01-2011 10:17 PM

Not a good installation. I've seen similar applications, where over time, the shingles at the outfall become more distressed and start to deteriorate more rapidly than the rest of the roof. And there's also a likelihood of leakage, as a heavy water flow is directed horizontally instead of in the shingles' lap direction.

A far better solution would be to remove the existing elbow, install 2 "in-line" 45-degree elbows, and then reinstall the removed elbow--such that it lines up directly with (and into) the gutter.

oldognewtrick 11-02-2011 05:43 AM

They make "A" and "B" elbows for this exact application. It's never good to send water across a shingle, if it crosses a butt joint it can send water under the joint.

rain gutter downspout elbows

TomS 11-02-2011 07:04 AM

Thanks for the input and confirming my concerns. Glad I did not pay yet so I am sure it won’t be a problem to get it corrected.

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