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gotfuel 01-31-2010 03:45 AM

Help with old homestead Cabin folks, im going to try and post pic's but im in some desp need of help here, i got this cabin that needs work, or a proper,

This cabin is about 496sq ft and if the pics showed up you can see it has a weatherd frame that can still withstand force winds, but def looks weatherd, the roof is completly gone, it does have some beams on top, but on closer inspection i can see some are braces together sideways, ovbviously unacceptable, i want to completly rebuild this cabin with the same style roof, but i dont even know what size the beamsare that are on top forming the trusses,, im a macheine operator and a mechanic. i have no idea where to start, im capable no doubt just lack the general knowledge, i want this to be safe and enexpensive as possible, the side's seem pretty easy to just board up, and all the foundation boards attached to the cement are in good shape too. and the cement aint cracked either, so lucky me there, but i would love to hear what some of youthink out there, whats the cheepest route that would allow safe weekend shelter when were out there riding bikes?.

Wuzzat? 01-31-2010 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by gotfuel (Post 39818)
i want this to be safe and enexpensive as possible,
For extreme DIY,
2009 International Residential Codes

If you want to reuse the lumber there is a relatively simple way to test the structural strength of what's in the photos.

oldognewtrick 01-31-2010 11:08 AM

Well, congrats on the piece of property, but it may just be in need a little, uh TLC.

Couple of questions, is this structure sentimental at all.

Are there any utilities on site (elec, water) ?

How would you keep this structure secure after you spend $$$ on fixing it up?

Fixing rafters, roof decking, shingles, plywood on walls, wall covering/siding, I can see several $$$ even if you DIY. Look around the building supply centers for windows/doors, odd lot shingles and siding. Sometimes you can pick things up on the cheap that they are trying to get rid of, if you just look around.

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