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apsinkus 02-11-2008 09:18 PM

I need advice re. redoing dormer
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I am looking into adding a bathroom in the attic master bedroom. It does look like they had a toilet at one time in the area where existing dormer is. It is like a 7X7 room there. To put in a bath we definitely need to change roof structure of existing dormer to flat. Neighboring house has exactly what I am thinking about (on the right in the picture).
Since I am in budgeting stage, I would love to find out a ballpark figure of how much it could cost us to redo this dormer. Any input would be appreciated.

apsinkus 02-12-2008 08:11 AM

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There is actually a 6-car driveway right below the dormer and dumpster plus possibly a box truck would fit there.
At 15K it is worth it, at 20K to $40K (on a 450K house) is questionable, since I doubt I will ever see my money back at that kind of price.

I might stretch the back of the house and put a bathroom above another bathroom (see picture below). Since kitchen is on the 1st, bathroom on the 2nd, adding bathroom on the 3rd should be a bit easier than. No? At least the square footage of the house would go up (versus existing dormer that is already counted towards the house).

I am going to have to be opportunistic with this. Wait for slow season and see if any deals come up than. Costs might be crazy, but due to so many foreclosures barely anyone is renovating in the neighborhood. I would be surprised if contractors have their schedules filled.

apsinkus 02-12-2008 07:03 PM

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Are you sure about 40K? I would expect not only addition but also full bathroom installed for that.
I mean, are there any advantage to trying to do this in the summer, rather than say fall or spring?

BTW, here is how the driveway. Also the back yard is all freakin' concrete, so scaffolding would not be sitting in a muck.

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