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FastGorilla 09-15-2009 10:11 AM

J trim or whole new fascia
I am replacing my gutters and downspouts. Well... I am paying a contractor to do it so I can have seamless gutters.

However, two 30 foot straight sections of my non-steep roof have fascia that is not vertical. In fact, they are about 15 degrees off vertical. One contractor said I have to replace the fascia with new wood and then cap it to ensure it is vertical. (Quoted $2400 for fascia and eavestroughing for entire house) Another said that he would install J trim to make it vertical in those sections (Quoted 1200 for entire house). I understand J trim to be a spacer that is nailed to the current fascia that pushes the bottom of the gutter out to a vertical position.

Obviously I would prefer the less expensive quote. However, am I sacrificing important quality here? Am I going to have problems in a couple years because I took the cheaper way out? If it matters, my house was built in 1966, I live in an area where there is lots of snow and the current gutters were done by the former houseowner who was "over confident in his own abilities" to put it mildly.


oldognewtrick 09-15-2009 01:43 PM

There are "gutter wedges" that are installed at each gutter hanger to brace the back of the gutter. They are a lot cheaper than the alternatives you were given. They should be available from most gutter supply houses or can be ordered relatively easy.

FastGorilla 09-15-2009 03:16 PM

Thanks oldog/newtrick. I will question them about it. And BTW, thanks for all your other answers in the other threads about gutters. They were informative and useful to me.

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