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ptranfa 10-08-2005 08:26 AM

Leak From Roof
We just got our first real rain since we bought this house. I saw some water damage on the ceiling in my master bathroom. I assumed the roof was leaking. I got in my attic to look, the roof itself appears to be in great shape. The wood looked good, I didn't see any leaks or water damage anywhere. There were two metal tubes that appeared to be made out of the same metal that heating ducts are made out of. They go from the roof and run down to the precise spot where the leak is happening. I'm assuming that it's just not water tight on the roof where they poke through. Any clue what these things are or do? The likely hood that this is my issue? The cost I'm going to have to incurr to address it? Of course while I was up there I didn't think to take pictures. So the pictures are me standing on a chair pointing a camera into the attic.

FirTrader 10-08-2005 09:59 PM

Hard to tell the scale, but most likely, that is b-vent from a furnace and or water heater. IE it's your chimney. Could also be bathroom fan type vents, or from an otr microwave, etc. At any rate, you most likely have an issue with a flashing on the roof, or with the storm collar around the pipe just above the flashing.

To fix it, get up there with a tube of Black Jack, Black Knight, or Bakor or whatever brand of roof-cement you can find, and caulk the crap outta everything!

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