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ccccchunt 01-26-2013 06:53 PM

Leak on top of chimney
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Hello Everyone.

Wanted to post a question to the group.

I've been chasing a water leak for about 4 years now. Had various roofing companies come out and none have been able to find it.

It only leaks when it rains and blows from the south.

Today, I spent the whole day on the roof soaking down different areas until I finally got it to leak.

The roof is fine, the flashing is fine. The leak is coming from the top of the chimney chase.

I have attached a picture. It seems that the water flows off the top of the chimney and then seeps up under the bottom side of the 6" trim piece at the top of the siding. I have drawn an arrow on the picture.

This only happens with the wind is blowing the water up in back of this trim piece.

Is there any way to fix this simply?? I know, simple is a relative term......

The last guy tried smearing Henry's all over.

Here is what I was thinking. I could add additional trim pieces over the existing but use 1x10 or 8 instead of the 1x6 that is there. I would seal in back of the new 1x10 so that water could not wick up the backside. I could screw into the existing trim but use a good waterproof adhesive behind it.

Any recommendations?????

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