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SS66 08-05-2009 08:45 PM

my garage roof.......yikes
Well this is my first post. We have owned our home for almost 6 years. The home was built in May of 1969. We hired the US inspect company for the property inspection and for the most part it was a good experience. The only frustration came about with the roof which passed the inspection. The previous home owner advised us and the inspector the garage roof had some sagging which they had repaired. The inspector told us the roof was OK and the reinforcements looked to be done well. Within the first 18 months we found out from 4 contractors the roof was shot. So we replaced the roof. This involved a removal of two layers and new decking. The first layer was wood shingles followed by the standard composite shingle. All the contractors stated the roof shingles were dried out because of lack of felt between the two layers of roofing materials. To say the least we were not very happy.

Fast forward almost 6 years making our new roof about 4.5 years old. We started to paint the house. In doing so we noticed the south side of the garage roof had some sag in the trussel area. We had also noticed this Spring a bowing out of the facia board. My intial thought on the facia board and or guttering not being nailed directly into the trussel ends and became loose over time. After the removal of the guttering and looking closely at the south side of the roof we were concerned because of the sag and a high spot.

Seems, the work on reinforcing the roof 6 years earlier was not all done in the same manner. I will need to add pics to better explain the situation. I have also noticed the garage roof has 3 ridge vents without any sofits in the underside eves area. Looks as though the repair group reinforced all the trussels with 2x6's on the Southside of the garage. On the North side they started out reinforcing all the trussels until they cracked one trussel. They then reinforced it with a 2x6 and then cracked next trussel. After they reinforced the second trussel in the same manner they then decided not to attempt and raise the final 4 trussels on the North side. Instead, they choose to run a 2x6 across the final four trussles and support them with 2x8 from the floor on the first and fourth trussel. Looks like they left the last 6 trussels in the original sagging postion. I have to say we are not very happy and wonder if it will be possible to fix this correctly?

We are left wondering what our 250 dollar inspection did for us in this roof nightmare. Then on top of that the roofing company never advised us about the sagging problem when stripping and redecking the roof. Anyway, our first post and boy are we having fun. Again I will post some pics and hopefully shed a little light and advise on our roofing problem. :eek:

oldognewtrick 08-05-2009 09:28 PM

It would really help if you posted some pics. Is the sagging you are experiencing new or just newly noticed. Have you gotten up on the roof. If so is it bouncy or can you feel movement of the decking.

Have you contacted the roofing company that did the install? Might be a good time to get them out to look at the situation.

A home inspector can uncover a lot of problems but sometimes hidden problems couldn't be identified by anyone. You might get a structural engineer to come take a look. Should be about the cost of a home inspection but they could define a scope of repair for your garage structure. It would be money well spent.

My 2 cents.:cents:

And welcome to the forum!

SS66 08-06-2009 05:03 PM

Old dog new trick,

I am going to try and add some pics on this garage roof. I will admit I do not always get the roofing lingo down but hopefully my pictures will fill in the language barrier going forward. My trick will be learning the roofing language.

I might note I think my roof was built with out preformed trusses. Meaning I think they call it a stick roof? Anyway, Let me see if I can load some pics....

SS66 08-06-2009 05:04 PM

How do I get the pics to load.......... anyone? Thanks in advance to those that reply.

Chevelle Guy

dakuda 08-07-2009 09:38 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Pictures attached

dakuda 08-07-2009 09:43 AM

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more pictures

dakuda 08-07-2009 10:06 AM

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even more pictures

SS66 08-07-2009 10:47 AM


Thanks for the assistance on the pic posting. I have the company that did the roof coming out today at noon. I think the pics do show some of the problems but it looks more noticable standing there looking at everything.

Old dog new trick, We did not really every notice the sagging on the north side other than the bowing and outward leaning of the facia board. I assumed at that time it was a damaged facia board. It was not until we were on a ladder taking of the guttering for a closer look at the facia board that we the roof line and sag possibly meant something more problematic.

I guess I assumed a home inspection and roofing compainie(s) bidding on the job would have noticed the problems. I also now at hind site need to ask more questions to inspectors and contractors when they pass or say something is good etc. If I had sen or noticed this trouble during the inspection or reroof I would have asked the necessary and or dumb questions. I think this all could have been avoided on multiple levels.

Anyone, want to give some thoughts or insite feel free. And again thanks for the pics post Chris.

Chevelle Guy

oldognewtrick 08-07-2009 03:22 PM

How did the meeting go with your roof installer? Looks like the fascia is pulling away from the rafter tails. If the rafter tails are deteriorated you will have to sister onto the rafter and create a new tail. The knee wall was added after construction of the roof, usually when you add a knee wall its to stabilize a existing structure, trying to remove deflection of a roof deck can cause other problems.

It looks like in one of the pics a discoloration of some of the insulation, have you been experiencing any roof leaks?

SS66 08-07-2009 03:32 PM


following this thread. I had a visit from the roofing company today. They feel it is not their repsonsibilty in notifying a homeowner if they see a structural problem or not. The owner told me they were hired to remove 2 layers and put a new roof with decking on. Which he felt they did to his companies satisfaction.

We looked at the reinforcement that passed an inspection for home purchase. He felt it was not exactly what he would have done if he did the work. He did not agree with the North side support system laying on a wall header in that section of the garage. He stated that he did not see any sagging that was caused by his work.

I tried to stress to him if it was brought to my attention by his workers I would have halted the decking until I could get someone to correct the possible problem. I did not want to upset him but wanted an open line of communication and understanding. I stated I was with the understanding that a bi-lingual speaking superviser was to be on the site daily. Unfortuantely it did not happen and even if the workers noticed the mentioned issues they couldn't speak english.

But that is a mute point with the contractor because he feels the roof is installed correctly. He said I could have a structural engineer make an inspection but they know code and not roofing. He also mentioned was this an issue because I was thinking of selling the house? I stated that was not in the near or future plans. If I chose to would it then become a sell repair issue or documented disclosure in the contract. I just put it simply, I want it like anything to be right and I didn't think this qualified as correctly installed.

So, the end of our conversation was left with you got a 5700.00 roof installed correctly that would be 11000.00 dollars in todays market. He said I could bring out an engineer and he would think they would agree with him. His only request was if I choose to do that please allow him to be present. Please, I hope I don't offend any folks here but I think sometimes, If you want it done right do it yourself. Again, no offense to anyone on this site.

I am now lost as to the my and the contractors reasoning for what I got as correct final roofing installation. I know their are more knowledgable roofing folks here but am I being unreasonable or asking to much? I will contact US Inspect and ask them to add some insite to this ugly North site of my garage roof. No offense to anyone but please feel free to advise me if I am being to rediculous in my thoughts and ideas regarding the matter.

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