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Paul678 12-01-2013 03:20 PM

My Roof is in Still in Bad Shape.... (Tucson, AZ)
...even after the leak around my skylight may be sealed.

Here are some photos:

So you can hopefully see some areas look to be in decent condition still, but the areas over my Arizona rooms have some large blisters, and some pitting. I was told by the neighbors that the roof was re-done about
20 years ago or so.

I know the proper thing to do would be to get the pros to re-roof my place, but this was quoted at about $7000.

So I'm wondering if it would be acceptable for me to just put an elastomeric white coat over the whole roof, including all the pitting.
The only noticeable leakage on the inside was from my skylight, which
you can see I've tried to seal in my other thread.

I was told that for Tucson, the Home Depot people recommend that you put a new elastomeric coating every 2 years, because of the intense heat. It seems obvious to me that the last coating on my roof was done much longer than 2 years ago.

So what do you all think? Could I get away with just putting a
new white coat every 2 years, and just ride this old roof out for
another 5-10 years?

Advice greatly appreciated in advance......Thank you.....

nealtw 12-03-2013 11:34 AM

All I know about this stuff is what I have read after you have posted your questions, but after looking at this, it seems to be that the problem areas are where the water dosn't drain and allowing dirt to settle. Perhaps the problem was that those areas were not cleaned good enough before last coating or maybe cleaning the dirt out from time to time would make the coating last longer.
As far as re-coating I think the trick would be to get rid of anything loose, I've read about TSP, bleach and high pressure washer, all of which make sense at least to me.
All of which can and likely will be corrected by people in the know. good luck.

oldognewtrick 12-03-2013 05:02 PM

Here's a link Paul that might help you out.

Paul678 12-03-2013 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by oldognewtrick (Post 96828)
Here's a link Paul that might help you out.

Yes, I've seen similar advice on Youtube, thanks for posting.

So it sounds like since my roof isn't really leaking (except near
the skylight that I just hopefully patched up), that it should
be reasonable to just apply elastomeric cool white coats every
two years, right?

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