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PokerMunkee 11-24-2012 11:57 AM

Need new siding
We've remodeled in the inside of our 1985 house, now it's time to get the outside updated. Plan to live here another 10 years and build our dream home (knock on wood).

Current siding is cheap T1-11 hardboard siding. Decks are rotted and will be replaced. Gutters are ugly, need replacing. Soffit is in bad shape, needs replacing. The garage doors are in horrible shape, so I'm going to convert the double doors to a single door and redo the concrete floor.

Windows are 12 years old, probably hold off for a while.

Anyways, I need to figure out what siding I should do.

Do I go with stucco? This is what all our neighbors are doing.

Do I go with a fiber cement?

We live in Colorado at 8500' where the sun is intense. Little humidity, some hail, decent amount of rain and snow.

I will be contracting all of the work out.

Here is a picture of our pathetic house :)

nealtw 11-25-2012 09:45 PM

Not sure about best siding for Colorado but be carefull with removing post in garage. The beam will have to be upgraded for the width, evan if it is one peice now. And welcome to the site

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