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shan2themax 02-14-2008 07:18 PM

New Roof
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This is why I want A new roof from the trusses up..... I am not sure why it is so dark, well that is sort of true... the fan over the stove vents up there....

there is a ridge vent, 3 cobra vents and 2 dormer vents..... I do not use the stove vent and am getting ready to buy the kind that sucks it up and spits it back out into the kitchen...... (mainly becuase I dont want to go up there and vent it properly at this point)

but anyways... this is why I was wanting to rip it all off from the trusses up.... it all looks like that.... It is just hard for me to find someone that is willing to take all the wood off... *only one company so far............

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