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darkadept 10-24-2011 03:36 PM

Is it ok to slightly bend flashing upwards?
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I just got new siding on my house and I want to put a deck on. Is it ok if I bend the flashing up a little bit? Will this cause the OSB sheeting to rot?

I've attached an image to better show what I mean. On the left side of the image it shows the OSB sheeting (black vertical bar), the treated ledger board (white box), the blue siding and the metal flashing.

On the right it shows what I did to install my deck.

I was told after the fact that I should have just put the decking on top of the flashing but I had already put down my expensive composite decking. Pulling the board up would not be the easiest task and would cost me but I don't want the sheeting to rot either.

I personally don't see how rain or melting snow would cause the water to creep up in between the siding and the flashing to rot the OSB.

Please give me your opinion on this matter, thanks!


oldognewtrick 10-24-2011 05:01 PM

I would suggest not leaving the flashing so that it would impede the flow of water away from the house in any manner. Water should always be able to freely flow away fro a wall. Debris, pollen, dirt can collect and cause water damning.

nealtw 10-24-2011 05:48 PM

Our code is to put the flashing under the deck boards on top of the framing, not sure how you make that work with your flashing.

joecaption 10-27-2011 08:43 AM

We have had to go back and do thousands of dollars worth of repairs to homes with attached decks. Far better to make it free standing so no part of it is in direct contact with the sheathing.
If for some reason it must be attached (as in a second story deck) we install Storm and ice shield on the wall in that area, and use blocks of vinyl lumber to space the ledger board away from the sheathing, then through bolt it with long lag bolts.

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