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Vik61 08-31-2006 12:30 PM

Please Help Diagnose Leaking Solitaire Mobile Home (New) Includes Pics
This house is 2 1/2 years old since I bought it. It's a 16 x 76 mobile home in El Paso Texas where it never rains until this summer; it's been raining for three months. Last week I had water running down through my heating unit, which I have heard turn on and off mysteriously a few times recently (I thought I was imagining the sound but I turned it off at the breaker board now).

I went up and found a small place where the wind had blown off a piece of the shingle but I don't think that's in a spot where the leak could be coming from. I'm thinking the water either blew in through the vent or, I found a place where it appears they didn't finish running the shingles all the way to the end. This is pictured by where I am lifting it up with my lighter.

Of course I have no idea what I'm talking about. I need help with understanding this because I am dealing with the manufacturer now, asking them to honor their "quality materials and workmanship." In two and a half years it hasn't rained but maybe 20 times until this summer, so of course I would not have noticed a roof that was not finished properly. I have more pictures if needed. Anything you can tell me about this situation, people, please....Viktoria

It's kind of hard to tell in this pic but I am in the area where the roof is leaking, spot on. I can lift up here but nowhere else on the roof do the shingles end like it does right here.

Now, looking down from the top of the roof, I can fit a lighter under the place where the shingles stop. Another set of shingles are there, continuing down the end of my house, but this just doesn't seem right:

This pic is taken from where my lighter is, showing the vent for my heater, where the water was coming in last night, a lot of water. Could it be the water just blew into this vent??? And I don't have a roof problem at all? I mean, it rained so hard it filled half a big rolling garbage can I have outside that has no lid.

This is just a blown off piece of shingle. Please tell me this isn't causing a flood of water into my house, because this isn't in the area, it's below the heater. The wind here is wicked. It could cause a problem though?

Vik61 08-31-2006 12:41 PM

Oh, and here is how they finished around the vent for the heating unit where it was leaking

Square Eye 08-31-2006 04:37 PM

There are so many problems there that I don't even know where to start.

You need to get a GOOD licensed contractor to look and give you an estimate to fix these problems. Then take the estimate with you to the manufacturer. That is terrible, the lines are all off, the vent is not flashed properly, the shingles overlapping each other is unbelieveable.

Get someone there who knows what they're looking at. You'll be better equipped to deal with the problem if someone can show you exactly what's wrong.

Vik61 08-31-2006 09:21 PM

Well thank you SO much. I had no idea. The manufacturer asked me today, "Well, did you have it sealed?"

"Sealed,? I asked. It's two and a half years old in a place with no rain until this year. If it needed sealing you should've told me but all you talked about in your sales ads were your quality workmanship and materials. Manufactured Homes only have a ONE YEAR warranty.

I am sick over this. And broke to boot. Shouldn't an inspector have inspected the roof? I wasn't here when they did it but got the seal of approval.

Here are two more pics I took today. Are these also all wrong?

All the vents on my roof are like this one black one, by the way, with shingles just laying over it like this.

Square Eye 08-31-2006 11:51 PM

Oh, dear,

I am so sorry, but that roof is as bad as any I've ever seen.
You may need to take the contractor's estimate to a lawyer and see if there is a way to make them fix the problems, or even better, pay the contractor of your choice to repair the problems.

Manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of thing.
Do what you have to do. Problems like this will likely cause severe damage if not corrected.

I wish I had better news.
so sorry,

MTCquality 09-01-2006 06:43 AM

All I can say is :eek: WOW! I am sorry for you bro...... Those rain grooves are the worst I have had the displeasure of viewing in my 16 years in this business. The sad thing is that manufactured housing is really booming. There big sales pitch is that since the work is done in a controlled climate, there employees are better stationed and inclimated to do higher quality work. you may want to see about a class action suit against the company or at least talk to other owners. I wouldnt seal a dog house roof like that, you have quite the problem and please let us know how it goes. If it makes you feel better you can post the name of the manufacturer here to help others in there buying decisions.:confused:


Vik61 09-01-2006 11:41 AM

Unfortunately because El Paso has experienced a mild Hurricaine Katrina in the form of flooding this year (we had water flowing OVER houses), the roofer business is booming (good for roofers; bad for me). However I did not have flooding at all, just a lot of rain this year.

While I wait for a roofer, I had to go buy a freaking TARP to put over my nice new mobile home in case it rains again. I swore I would NEVER live in a mobile home but Multiple Sclerosis changed all that. Nothing bad about them, I love my house; I just grew up in one but I even like the park I live in.

I am astounded to hear the comments from you both. I thought the roof looked great, like a real house...

Here's what I think I need to do beyond get a good estimate from a licensed roofer. The problem is, some roofers I call won't even deal with mobile homes. Now I own what is supposed to be the cream of the crop of mobile homes, or maybe I did some bad research a few years ago. The name of the mobile home is Solitaire.

Get this: on my one year WARRANTY it lists the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. I believe they signed off on this thing and they have a recovery fund up to $35 Grand. So I am now looking at a form I downloaded and the nice lady told me to fill it out with all the information and they will send someone out to inspect my house. She didn't seem to KNOW if it was inspected, with the rest of the inspection, initially.

the form to complain is asking me for ONE MASTER LIST of complaints. I wouldn't even begin to know how to make a list, in list form, it says, of what to say except: "water coming in through my heating unit from above."

Thank you all so much. I am freaking out over this tarp thing. Is putting a tarp on my roof going to seal in all that good moldy wetness? :mad:

Any ideas of what should I put on the list? Or should I wait several weeks for the roofer? (BTW, I am a girl. ;) )

Square Eye 09-01-2006 12:09 PM

Print the pictures that show the tabs that are not centered, the heater vent, the plumbing vent with the short tab to the left side, the roof vent with the shingles cut too high..
Write directly on the pictures. The vertical lines are what we call rain lines. They need to be offset from each other.. centered over the next shingle down. NOT lined up with each other.
The offset is critical, this gives the roof more opportunity to shed the water. If they are all lined up, erosion will cut away the lower shingles and will cause a leak.

The roof vent;
The shingles are cut too high to keep the water out. A breeze against the roof during a rain could push enough water up over the vent flange to leak.

The heater vent;
Well, that thing is just wrong.
See the sides at the bottom? The shingle rain lines should NEVER line up with the edge of the flange like that. Water can just flow in sideways there.

Water leaks follow 3 S's.. seep, soak and saturate. Then there are open flow situations. You probably have all of these going on. The small leaks can actually draw water uphill by seeping in through the small holes, the wood soaks up the water and it spreads, saturating everything it finds. When the wood is saturated and can't hold any more, it will cut loose and start dripping on whatever is below, all the while, mold and mildew is taking the place.

You pull up some of that roof and find mold, you have a lawsuit. That roof is evidence of gross negligence on the part of the manufacturer and the inspectors. Seriously, speak to a lawyer, this is your home and it CAN become an unhealthy situation, especially when you put a tarp on over water damage.

I sincerely hope you can get some help with this situation..

Anyone else have any observations?
Vik needs our help here.

Vik61 09-01-2006 12:28 PM

That should be Very helpful, Tom. Will just print that out and include it in my complaint form if you don't mind? If you do, I'll change the text to my own. Actually, the pics print out just fine in black and white and I can write over them what you said. Whew. Thanks this is most helpful.

Vik61 09-01-2006 01:43 PM

I just went up on the roof again and the thing is, except for at the very edges of the house, the rain lines are fairly centered. It appears that when they got to the area of the heating vent something went wrong, and wrong it stayed. Like I said, it looks like they didn't finish the row or something. I took more pictures of how messed up the vents are to write on for my complaint form.

To be very clear, none of the shingles are centered, many of them are 1/3 to 1/5 centered thoughout the rest of my roof. It seems like they are only messed up in this one leaking place, which is good, right?

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