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woodchuck 07-24-2008 07:30 PM

Putting on new roof to add living space.
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We've seen a couple of neighbors in our very rural area just totally replacing their roof with one with enough pitch to put additional rooms upstairs.

We are definitely going to talk to them about the planning process they went through and any information on problems and solutions they had and of course the pros.

I would love to have your input as all views, facts and opinions presented on a multitude of questions on here leaves no stone unturned.
Our 30 year old house is 60'X30' with 20'X30' of that having a vaulted ceiling 4' high.That leaves 40'X30' with 8' ceilings. There is a 5' porch across the total length on the front.
The roof on this part has gables on each end with the storage room and laundry room sticking out the back 30'X12' and carport 22'X32' behind that with a gable at the back.
We may decide to keep the valted ceiling leaving the 40x30 for replacing.
Including the30x12 storage is probably a natural to be included because of tieing the new roof in.
What would be the steepest roof that would be acceptable for appearance and structural concerns.
Hip roof or stay with gables.
Do I have enough support to even think about it. I have 6" rafters on 16" centers.Here's a picture I already had. If it will help I'll take some more.

Thanks, woodchuck

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