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shan2themax 07-04-2009 07:20 PM

Replacing gutters.....
I HAVE to replace my gutters... and as in previous posts... the roof. I am saving money for the roof, but the gutters HAVE to be replaced before the roof.... This is what I am wondering..... ALOT of the drip edge doesnt seem to be 'attached' it is really loose and you can lift it up almost anywhere you want to.

Do I reinstall the gutters right underneath the drip edge or do I come in under it.... and...... can I just put a new drip edge up that may be a little wider... or would that not be cost effective.... The roof is looking at next spring/summer (2010) the gutters cant wait that long......

(and in case you are wondering... yes, I took the gutters down and I dont remember how they were up there......... my critical thinking skills get all used up at work......):eek::eek::eek:

glennjanie 07-04-2009 10:56 PM

Hello Shan:
There are contractors who make seamless gutter on site to the exact diminsions of your house. I just had a crew over to do my house for $385. I can hardly even buy the material for that price. I know, to look at gutter at Lowes or Home Depot you wouldn't think it would cost so much. But then, start counting up the little accessories you will have to have to install it and, if you have to splice it, I gurantee it will drip forever.

You may want to get more than one bid on this just to keep them honest.

Your roofing contractor will put an exclusion in his contract concerning rotten or loose deck that may be found under the old shingles. Your loose drip-edge indicates you have some bad decking. They should include new drip edge in your contract and it should be the larger, galvanized kind which will not bend under a ladder.


PortlandTradesmen 07-05-2009 04:59 PM

I would definitely agree with Glenn on this one. I'm a contractor so I do almost all of my on work on my house but this is an area where I would hire some one to come in who has the equipment to do the seamless gutters. The money you would save would not be worth the hassles you would run into in the future with the gutter systems that you could piece together on your own.

Good luck

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