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D725A 05-01-2012 04:10 PM

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I just went over the contract with a roofer I hope to go with. A few things came up:

1. He generally uses nail guns and claims that there have been great advances in controlling the pressure so that shooting nailheads through the shingle is not an issue.

2- Says they usually don't add drip edge on the rakes --especially if there's vinyl siding already with nice-looking trim that might not look as good with a drip-edge added. (see attached photo.)

3- He generally uses LionGuard ice & water shield; I prefer the Grace product. Any thoughts on LionGuard?

D725A 06-19-2012 01:48 PM

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Ok so after almost two months of interruptions for other house projects, we found what looks like an excellent roofing company. He looked at the underside of the sheathing, saw many gaps in the tongue and groove and said they might have to re-sheathe with plywood. I guess such gaps weaken the roof a bit--he pushed on it a bit and it had a bit of play. See photo. Any thoughts on this?

In addition i am continually amazed at the disparity of opinion amongst experienced professionals. Some roofers have said the ice and water shield can obviate the need for a drip edge, even on the eaves. All the internet info I've seen suggests a drip edge is a relatively inexpensive protection against water from wicking back under the shingles, so it will run cleanly off the edge. and that the back of the gutter should go behind the drip edge to prevent water from going between the gutter and fascia. I guess with ice shield even if the water does run back under the shingles it won't penetrate, but still....

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