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chilangopolaco 04-29-2008 08:05 AM

siding repair
I have replaced 7 sheets of rotten siding. I have used hardi pannels and hardi trims. I have a dillemma whether I should go up and cover the sticking out flashing with 1X6 and ugly seams with 1X4 following the pattern at the bottom ? Is there some air circulation issue (can flashing in the siding be covered ?).



Also I was planning to cover those ugly seam with 1X4 on the rest of the siding. The siding is not rotten at the bottom so I can leave it as is, just add 1X4 along the flashing and seams .. Is it a good idea ?
thanks for all your help with my previous questions

glennjanie 04-29-2008 12:55 PM

Hello Chilangopolaco:
It looks like you have Masonite siding there. It has a tendency to go back to its natural state when confronted with weather. It is made of sawdust and turns back into it.
It looks like you have done a nice job of replacement and yes, you could cove the joints with 1 X 4 for a neat appearance. Meanwhile you need to be thinking and saving for the day when you will replace the whole thing.

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