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gxbry 11-21-2012 06:12 PM

SIP roof small leak - what to check?
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When it is very windy and rainy (heavy rain alone does not seem to cause this), I notice a small leak on our ceiling (a drop every ~2-5 minutes). I'm not sure if there's actually a water intrusion or if it's just due to condensation. We have a SIP panel roof, and the leak appears to be right at the joint/spline.

I've attached two pictures. One is the inside ceiling where there appears to be a leak -- it happens at the intersection of the wood beam and the spline. The other is the roof outside. It appears pretty well glued down, I couldn't easily pull up any of the panels. There is a nearby vent pipe, although it is around 6ft from the location of the leak.

Note that because it is a SIP panel roof, the ceiling "is" the roof. What should I check to investigate the cause of the leak?

nealtw 11-21-2012 09:42 PM

I wouldn't expect this to be condensation as you would need a fair amount of cold to make that happen. Water can travel great a distence inside a structure before it finds a way out. If you have checked the roofing I think you might check the flashing on the edges. The curbs don't seem to be very high and maybe wind could blow water up and over the edge of the roofing under the flashing.

inspectorD 11-22-2012 07:16 AM

Hands and knees, Check the seams and flashing as Neal already said. It may come down to calling in a Ceritfied Infrared thermographer. I do this all the time to find leaks on flat roofs such as yours. It comes down to what do you want to spend the $$ on if you cannot pinpoint with your own eyes before you tear stuff apart.

Hope you can find it yourself!! Good luck!:)

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