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nealtw 01-02-2014 05:25 PM

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You can always goes go with the no vent system, you still need enough insulation above the wall

nealtw 01-08-2014 06:26 PM

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People like yourself hang around big box stores to much. They will rent you a truck to take your lumber home. Find a real lumber yard in your area, they will have trucks of all sizes with and with out cranes. Here a drop load will cost about $60 and a crane will cost about $100 which includes about 15 minutes of crane time. You will have an advantage as half your floor is already in place so once you have cleared the debrea you will be able to have pre-cut studs wall sheeting and floor sheeting all delivered to the floor. Have your wets and joist delivered on the ground but make sure the wets are at least 14ft so you can lean up to to the house. Wets are the 2x4s or 2x6s for top and bottom plates and such and yeas you order wets, they are cheaper and they straighten out as you nail them in place. We would order the roof sheeting on a later order but you might have room for that too along with all the stuff to finish.
I doubt if your fork lift would be able to deliver all that material to the floor at the back of the house from the front.
Just some stuff to think about. The picture is a lumber real lumber truck.
On TV we see people pulling trusses up by hand from the ground, they lay them flat and pull them over the side wall and bend them. With the trusses comes a full set of instructions and the first page is the big warning about how to pick up the trusses or how not to pick up the trusses. You would have to be able to pick them up in the center with a chain and set them on the house and if not, get them delivered with a crane.

buffalo 02-04-2014 04:03 PM

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First floor exterior wall floor plan . (all existing walls)

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