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Phatboy 09-30-2007 01:47 PM

Stumped on order of installation.
As some of you know My wife and I are renovating our newly purchased home.:D Well we have run into a bit of a stickler.

We had to rebuild four 8ft sections of the exterior framing. Previously these were covered in malamine lap siding. The lap siding was nailed onto some 3/4in MDF sheets, and that was nailed directly to the studs. No airgap, No housewrap, NO INSULATION.:eek:

We want to rebuild, insulate, wrap, and side the home.....correctly. We want to upgrade this section of the home with new vinyl siding instead of the lap siding. However, we are stumped in which order to install the new materials.

Option A:
Studs, wrap, 3/4 sheeting, lathing, siding

Option B:
Studs, 3/4 sheeting, wrap, lathing, siding

Option C:
Studs, 3/4 sheeting, lathing, wrap, siding

or none of the above, and could you direct us to the right way to finish this outside section.

We are also trying to figure out how to stop the new vinyl siding next to the previous lap siding and have a good seal. Any good websites out there just for DIY siding installations?

Thanks Logan and Kim.

Phatboy 09-30-2007 05:55 PM

Thank you for the info. That answered my question.

glennjanie 09-30-2007 07:26 PM

Hey Logan and Kim:
If the existing siding is cut on a clean, verticle line the J-channel will do the job. However, I would recommend using a clear silicone caulk between the lap siding and the J-channel. Just a little extra moisture protection. If you are targeting a "green" house, you will want to use OSB rather than plywood. Oriented Strand Board uses up more of the tree and is as strong, or stronger than plywood.

Phatboy 10-03-2007 11:40 AM

Thanks, unfortunatly for this project we have already purchased our ply for the outside of two walls. I will take this into consideration when we start work on the rest of the house.

inspectorD 10-03-2007 04:17 PM

FHI may have a better site, but try googlin [url] for installation stuff. Buying or Renting a "siding break" for your metal work will help alot also.

Have fun.:)

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