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atr42flyer 08-18-2012 01:20 PM

T1-11 change out?

I am brand new to the forum and I am purchasing a foreclosed home In the pacific northwest.

the home was built in 1979 and has t1-11 siding and brick. The previous owner was a bit of a do it yourselfer also. I was forced to get a 203k loan to purchase the property because it needed work but really not a lot of work just enough that a bank would not loan on it with out some work.

anyways part of the deal is having all the windows which are new replacement windows that are already installed removed and reinstalled correctly with the correct flashing.

the contractor is bidding on it said its gonna take $350 per window x7 to remove and reinstall the windows correctly.

The root of my problem here is I hate the exterior of the house. I would like fiber cement such as the hardieshingle siding and hardielap siding along with a nice stacked stone where my brick currently is.

am I just wasting money on reinstalling windows that will have to be basically reinstalled again when I decide to change the siding out?

I am working on posting a pic of the house so maybe you guys can give me a few ideas

nealtw 08-19-2012 04:44 PM

I would go straight to the siding people and have them redo the windows too. A lot of window people just change out the windows. Some of them will likely have bigger problems like rot below and the siding guys will have to pull the window to do the repairs and they like to do there own flashing.

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