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MTCquality 07-27-2006 08:40 PM

Unique Business?
Hello all I am new here and just looking for some input. As we all know the seamless siding business is a bit high pressure and ran by 99.9% franchise operations that require royalties and crazy mark-ups so everyone gets a little of our money. As a consumer I can not stand an "in-home" no obligation estimate. It takes 2 hours and they make you feel stupid and then throw a huge number at you and expect you to "buy today".
Well you all have seen that i am sure, but without plugging my company let me ask my peers and consumers like myself what you would think of my unique situation. I have purchased a Seamless Steel Siding machine without any ties to the franchise companys and they are not pleased about it. They tie there machines to exclusive counties and areas to keep the competition away, so you can see why they are not pleased with my purchase. I have free reign of any area and dont have to pay the 800 dollar a month franchise fee and do there unethical "pitch".
Here is my question. What would you feel is a honest way to sell these jobs with the majority of people being like myself and hating the in home presentation garbage? Has the franchise antics ruined a possible great product and oppurtunity for me and my potential clients? If I can "ditch the pitch" and run an honest, christian, moral based company and still make a profit? I can also provide free seamless gutters and steel roofing, but is there still customers that believe a construction operation can be honest and ethical? I guess maybe I am more of a consumer than a salesmen? Any thoughts would be appreciated?

BTW I am an expert carpenter and have a vast knowledge of the industry, just wondering about the sales end. Just in case someone was assuming I just bought the machine without knowing how to do the :p

Thank you


inspectorD 07-28-2006 12:19 AM

Stay true to your values and give the customers honest service.
As a consumer I tend to use less salesmen type of folks...I shoo them away. I tend to lean towards the guys that have no BS pitch and are giving me time to ask questions with no run around or hidden answers.
These are the folks who start out wondering how their business will work out and end up being the busy ones in due time.

In my company, I work for the client and give them 100% no matter how big of a pain they may be. Some clients have been a real pain in the hind end...they are the ones who talk about you most when you do a great job with service.

As for those other franchise folks...of course they will be a little peved but....they can afford to give a little. Isn't that what America is all about?
Don't even sweat em..;)

Good luck in your endeavor.
Post us back sometime and tell us how it works out.

MTCquality 07-28-2006 01:18 AM

Thanks for the input. It is hard to prove to potential clients that you are not the rough breed, typical contractor and expect them to believe you. Another thing is mixing christian morals with anything anymore gets you more criticism than anything. I dont believe in hiding my faith and dont want to sound like a hard core Bible beater but you would think there would be a happy medium. Mom and Pop days are over and we should overcome and adapt to the new era of business I guess.

BTW the franchise guy called me tonite and wants to know where I got the machine and if I have the manufactures record for it. I gave it to him and he said he would be looking into it and if it is stolen he is reporting me to the authorities. Truth is the manufacturer is only under contract to provide so many machines to each franchise, there is nothing stating that they cannot produce machines for employees. My machine was sold to me by an employee that was going to use it to side his house and some other friends houses just to help out and then sell it back to the manufacture as a demo unit. He retired and never returned the machine and they didnt want it back. I hope the franchise guy is losing sleep over this deal :o , because I know I have lost good customers over his antics in my area.

Thanks again for your comments and thoughts!



Square Eye 07-28-2006 01:56 AM

Thank God!
I thought you were a spammer!

You need to avoid the other guys when you can.
They are obviously not looking out for your best interest.

America is a free country, for the most part. You should be free to compete in this capitalist system.

Keep plugging.

Bridgewater 07-28-2006 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by Square Eye
Thank God!
I thought you were a spammer!

You need to avoid the other guys when you can.
They are obviously not looking out for your best interest.

America is a free country, for the most part. You should be free to compete in this capitalist system.

Keep plugging.

LOL I thought the same thing at first.Aint it nice to be free!!!

inspectorD 07-28-2006 08:13 PM

Dont be bullied...
Any time I had a conversation with someone who was out to get me ....I would record it for future reference in case I was harrassed again.
Contractors around here are sometimes brutal. I always stand my ground and keep to the high road.
If I am wrong I am also quick to apologize and offer some help in the future.

Staying on high ground...folks will take notice.;)

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