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TxBuilder 06-29-2009 04:05 PM

Vent Advice
Currently my attic does not have any ventilation at all.

Do you stick with only two vents? One for incoming and one for outgoing?

glennjanie 06-29-2009 07:38 PM

Hello TX:
I would like a small vent the length of the house on both sides along with a ridge vent. You can stand in my attic and see daylight all along the front and back as well as the ridge which gives the roof an 'ice house' effect, allowing ambient air to sweep up the length of the rafters to cool the shingles.

TxBuilder 07-01-2009 12:07 PM

The issue I would have is my underhang (proper term?) are slotted boards so I couldn't cut through them all to install a vent the length of the house. Doing so might mess with the structural integrity.

inspectorD 07-01-2009 05:31 PM

Come on TX...where is your pic...shees.:D

They make all kinds of soffit vents for all kinds of roof overhangs. Take a pic to your local lumberyard, they will be able to help out.;);)

TxBuilder 09-17-2009 02:06 PM

I was quoted $800 for a ridge vent and appropriate soffit vents. Don't have measurements but it's roughly 1200sq of rooms but a very low attic.

Quote amount seem roughly average?

oldognewtrick 09-17-2009 04:44 PM

Tx, I'm guessing that you have about 50ft of ridge vent and that should run about $9.00 a ft for labor and materials on a walkable pitch. Intake vent for the soffit leaves about 450.00. It's not out of line depending on what they are installing, how high is the soffit? What kind of access? It doesn't sound out of line. Not a brother-in-law deal or a felony hold-up.

Pics would help.

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