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Oldmandan 01-19-2012 07:51 PM

Venting Attic
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I've been searching the www for an answer to my problem for awhile now, but no luck. Hopefully somebody here has the knowledge to get me in the right direction.

I have a condo, with a loft that has been added by the previous owner. I use it as an office, but it gets so hot up there, I can't go up there in the summer. It can get as hot as 108-110 in August. As a point of reference, the condo is approx. 1400sq. ft. in Anaheim,CA

I've attached a diagram below. The loft only spans half the width of the house, the other half of the house has a normal attic which connect to the small area in front of the loft. I have used my friends smoke machine to blow smoke up into the roof vents of the small attic area, and it just lingers. The whirlybird on the other side of the house is apparently not strong enough to vent this small area. My first thought is to put a attic fan in the smaller area, but everything I read says it must be placed just shy of the roofs peak?

So my questions are?
1. Is it recommended to remove the batting behind the wall?
2. What is the best location for the new attic fan?

I'm open to getting a second attic fan for the larger side of the house if it's needed.

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Oldmandan 01-19-2012 09:14 PM

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Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
Is there a clear path for air to travel from the lower roof to the roof with the whirly vent?
Hi Neal, thanks for your quick response. Yes it's clear, but it has to make a 90 degree turn to get to it, and after my smoke test I can see that the smoke would not go that direction. It just lingered in the lower roof area until it dissipated?

Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
Your picture also shows something that looks like a vent between the two roofs which should not be there.
Correct, there's a vent there, Should I block that off? I neglected to draw the other 2 small 1" tall vents on the roof of the larger attic area. I added them to the picture below. I've wondered if all these vents so close to the whirlybird was keeping it from working well?

Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
I would also be looking at the venting in the ceiling/roof over the new loft
The roof above the loft has no attic, it's a vaulted ceiling all the way down to the first floor. Is there some sort of special vent than can be used for vaulted ceiling applications?

Again, thanks for your reply

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Oldmandan 01-19-2012 09:32 PM

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Here's a birdseye view

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