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ccoates 03-14-2011 05:17 PM

Water collecting under soffet
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The bottom edge of my roof slightly overhangs the gutter for proper drainage. I have noticed rain water dripping to the deck from behind the gutter. Upon investigation I find that water is collecting in the inner edge on the front face between the soffit and the gutter. I am unable to determine exactly where, but the whole lip of where the soffit rests is full of water. When looking up on the roof the only problem I notice is that the very front edge of the shingles, on this whole section of roof is slightly curved upwards. I believe that this is preventing water from draining correctly. The edge of the roof is high enough that I suspect that it is higher than the upper edge of the flashing under the shingles. Again, I suspect that this allowing water to get under the flashing and therefore get into the soffit space.
I am looking to see if my theory about my problem makes sense and see if there are any suggestions as to how to correct this.

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