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RBarton 01-04-2010 11:10 AM

Water Issues- Please help!
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We purchased our house last summer and after about a 2 months in the house, we had a heavy rain with wind directed at the front of the house. We first noticed water coming inside the house above the garden doors in the basement and also in the corners of the upper exterior door above. We called a siding contractor and he thought the problem was the flashing on bottom of the upper door as possible around the deck. If you look at the picture you will notice the water marks under the deck/around the door- both upper and lower, and around the windows. We had the windows and door reflashed. We had to replace the upper door frame as it was rotted.
We were hoping this would be the end of our leaking issues.... not so fortunate The upper exterior door was leaking inside in both corners when it rained hard. We had the contractor come back and remove the deck completley. WE Still had water coming in both corners and above the doors in the basement. We caulked the upper door so it can't be opened. We are not sure where to go next. If we squeeze the flashing above the garden doors, water comes from under. How would the water be getting under the tyvek and flashing? If you look closely at the pictures, it doesn't appear to be coming from higher above?? Would there not be water marks if the water were coming from the roof or soffit area? We had a heavy rain two nights ago and water is now coming in on top of the upper door by where it meets the frame and the same on the basement window. The flashing above the upper door and all windows does go up under the Tyvek. We intalled pressure treated lumber over this and then put smart trim over it.
If there is anyone who can help us with this issue, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

RBarton 01-04-2010 12:57 PM

We had a call from our siding guy who did the work and he now thinks it may be coming in from the vent above. He was speaking with a siding company and they told him they no longer use these because they leak. Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem?


GBR 01-04-2010 03:40 PM

Gable vents should not be used IF you have a ridge vent. It short-circuits the soffit vent by supplying air to the ridge so lessens the soffits. Audel Complete Building Construction - Google Books

The water leaks over the doors/windows are from improper flashing.
1. No evidence that the tops (heads) were flashed with sticky flash or metal flash.
2. If they were, flashing is also required over the wood trim. Fig. 33 + 54 in the vinyl guild. This flashing top goes under the Tyvek with diagonal cuts taped above. No evidence of that in pictures. Read page #8 of this again, look at the caulking under the top flange, then sticky flash going 1/4" on the flat edge of window head, then stuck onto the OSB---- then metal flashing over that, then Tyvek over that. Installing and Flashing Windows Correctly - Fine Homebuilding Article As Inspector said, YOU tucked your raincoat into your pants. The vertical caulking bead is missing on the ends of the metal flashing to stop the wind-blown water from wetting the sheathing. You cannot rely on the J-mold vinyl to weatherproof your windows: Accept no siding that employs J Channels
3. The cantilevered deck should have a 2x4 vertical behind the handrail at the house, going down to the decking-with flashing under it. The joists should have a saw-cut dado under them to act as a drip edge so water will not wick back to the house. The solid blocking should have L-flashing under them with a drip lip to keep water from entering there.
The Tyvek shown, after demo, over the windows should not be under the window flange. When you nail the head trim after flashing, you will have a leak. Double flash, under and over the head trim.

Be safe, Gary

inspectorD 01-05-2010 05:52 AM

Very good advice. :D
Pour some water on the issue, and follow the water. Now your getting into the meat and taters part of the problem.:clap:

oldognewtrick 01-05-2010 02:59 PM

I would be very surprised if the problem was your gable vent. I would look more toward the improper flashing of almost everything your siding guy flashed. Just look at the links GBR provided and you will see what the problem is. Those vents can leak, are not functional for venting and as GBR said compromise the ability of the roof vents to function as required.

keep_smiling 01-06-2010 07:58 AM

We were in our attic again ast night and checked out the gable vent. It doesn't appear to we wet at all there. Our contractor came back and had another look last night. He thinks it is very strange (And I agree) that we are still having the same problem we initially had. We hired him to fix the leaks and after re-flashed, we still have the same leaks... plus a few others. He is going to take off some of the siding this weeked to try to see what is going on under there.
What would the signs be of failing soffits/facia? I don't see any water marks along the front of the house or in the attic.
Thanks again for all the replies. I've given all these suggestions to our contrator but he is convinced he did a proper flashing job..... at least he is coming back to look.

RBarton 01-06-2010 04:59 PM

Flickr: RB79's Photostream

More photos added.....

inspectorD 01-06-2010 06:12 PM

From those pics...I see plenty of flashing issues or improperly installed paper.

If the 1st floor windows are leaking from the top, I'll bet the upper window paper, at the bottom of the window , is not properly installed. If you do not tuck the paper under the window flange at the bottom, the water will flow down into the top of the lower window.

Take the siding off and spray the wall, the paper is not supposed to let any water in....and the tape is only for air infultration, not water spray.
If there is tape being used to seal a joint, make sure the joint has not been installed l so you tuck your raincoat into your pants.:)

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