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Fiero2 09-14-2010 05:43 PM

(Wood) Chimney removal
Hello my name is James and I am a new member. MY trade is auto repair and up until about a month ago I was sacred to death of home repairs but am slowing making friends with the hammer!! :)

Anyway, My chimney was repaired about 4 years ago but unfortunately has started to leak again. Since the chimney is not used I was thinking of removing it. The inside is a brick face the rest is wood all the way up and it is attached to the side of the house. I was thinking of having a professional do the job as I am an amature. What do I expect to pay..?

oldognewtrick 09-14-2010 08:27 PM

James, where is the leak showing up at? Who repaired the last leak? Can you post a pic of the leak and also the outside of the chimney?

...and welcome to House Repair Talk.

mudmixer 09-14-2010 08:56 PM

Is it a tin chimney flue in a wood chase or a masonry chimney/flue?

If it is a tin chimney, the interior you referred to is probably a masonry surround around a fireplace for architectural effect.


Fiero2 09-15-2010 08:55 AM

Hello again, From memory it was a tin flue, It basically a tin pipe that was run thorough a wood frame it was removed and capped off at the top. Here is a picture of the chimney in question.

oldognewtrick 09-15-2010 12:46 PM

James, that chimney sits in a valley. It's not impossible to provide a proper flashing that will make it serviceable. The money you spend to remove and repair the roof deck could be spent to make it functional. I'm thinking resale value is why I'd say fix it. A fireplace that can't be used is not a asset of the structure. If you need to find a qualified installer check at the local roofing supply houses not the apron store for a good company.

If you're set on getting rid of it. Remove it from the fascia board up and turn that area underneath into patio storage.

Cost? Check with a local contractor that does room renovations or additions for a local cost.

inspectorD 09-15-2010 06:10 PM

You could get rid of the top of it, because it is a poor design, but also keep the bottom portion. Extend the roof a bit, And install a vented gas fireplace that vents out the wall, and keep your ambiance of a fireplace.

Good luck.

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