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Jimmy996 05-28-2008 03:57 PM

Air Compressors on Generators

I've got a Honda eu2000i Generator,

I need a new air compressor / stapler combo for doing cedar shake siding on a remote job with no access to power aside from the generator.

whats the best compressor thats going to meet my needs?

The Generator is rated for:

Max output of 2000Watts @ 16.7a
Regular output of 1600Watts @ 13.3a

The compressor I'm Looking at is a Senco PC0968

1.5 hp , 2.5 Gallon twin tank .. rated Max draw of 8a

does this Max 8a include the starting surge draw of the compressor motor?

Is this a good option? should I even be considering running a compressor on a genny at all?

What other options do I have?



handyguys 05-29-2008 09:16 AM


What other options do I have?
You could always hand nail. :)

As for running a compressor on a generator its possible. You could also rent, beg, borrow or steal a gas powered compressor.

As for starting amp draw versus running amp draw - I'm not sure. My 15A compressor trips 15A breakers on startup 90% of the time. It has one or twice tripped a 20A breaker!

I would suspect an 8a compressor will be fine on that generator.
I know for a fact that this one works great on 15A circuts and is very quiet.

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